The Best Comic Books of All Time

At Books 4 People we've read a multitude of great comic books and are eager to share with you our ultimate must-read checklist of the best comic books of all time. Now, more than ever before, comic books and graphic novels are enjoying a mainstream popularity. As Marvel and DC gear up to expand their universes and restart their line of material, more people than ever are excited to dive into these rich and vibrantly imaginative story-arcs. If you love comics as much as we do, you'll love this essential list of requisite comics and graphic novels. 

1. The Legend of Zelda

An unparalleled collection of The Legend of Zelda franchise. This series contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, and a five comic book collection including The Ocarina of Time where it all began!

In the mystical land of Hyrule, three spiritual stones hold the key to the Triforce, and whoever holds them will control the world! A boy named Link sets out on a quest to deliver the Emerald, the spiritual stone of the Forest, to Zelda, Princess of the land of Hyrule. The journey will be long and perilous, and Link will need all his skill and courage to defeat evil. 

The Legend of Zelda Legendary Edition Vol 1-5 Collection 5 Books Set

2. Tokyo Ghoul 

Tokyo Ghoul is a beloved fan favourite in the manga world, with hair raising horror and a rich complexity that keeps readers on the edge-of-their-seat. For the first time, Books 4 People offers a collector's edition box set that includes all fourteen volumes of the original Tokyo Ghoul series, and includes an exclusive double-sided poster. In the original book, Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human, half-Ghoul hybrid. Trapped between two worlds, he must survive Ghoul turf wars, learn more about Ghoul society and master his new powers. 

Don't miss out on your chance to own this exclusive Tokyo Ghoul Box Set, Collector's Edition

3. The Art of Porco Rosso 

From Studio Ghibli, The Art of Porco Rosso is sheer perfection set in early 1930's era Italy. Bounty hunters and high flyers of all sorts rule the skies. The most cunning and skilled of these pilots is Porco Rosso, a man cursed with the head of a pig after watching the spirits of the pilots killed in the last air battle he fought in rise to the heavens. He now makes a living taking jobs; such as rescuing those kidnapped by air pirates. Donald Curtis, Porco's rival in the air and in catching the affections of women, provides a constant challenge to the hero, culminating in a hilarious; action-packed finale.

The Art Of Porco Rosso Studio Ghibli Library

4. Kick Ass - The New Girl 

Kick-Ass is back-ready to wipe out the city's criminal low lives, destroy its gangs, and save its communities from decay. But there's a new face beneath the old mask, a new figure wearing that famous green and yellow spandex. Who is this new vigilante superhero? Kick-Ass by name Kick-Ass by nature. A solid continuation of the franchise with recent hardcore African-American female veteran returning home to find her hometown in decay and overrun by criminals. The weird and wondrous world of Kick-Ass is back, in a new way with a new character with a solid story and themes far superior to the original. 

Dive-in to the weird and wondrous world of the Kick-Ass Books Collection

 5. DC Novels Batman and Harley Quinn

Faced with overwhelming poverty and a pregnant wife, a tragic, struggling comedian is forced to turn to crime. In his first heist, he is immersed in toxic chemicals that disfigure him bizarrely; driving him mad and thus giving birth to The Joker. For years, the Clown Prince of Crime has been caught in a dance of violence with his greatest nemesis, the Batman. Escaping Arkham Asylum, he plots his most lethal caper. This will be the ultimate punch line his KILLING JOKE.

DC Novels Batman and Harley Quinn 3 Books Collection Set.


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