Cookbooks You'll Love from Around the World Cuisines

If you're wanting to fire up the kitchen but are feeling a bit lost for inspiration, look no further than Books 4 People's qualified list of the best cookbooks to unlock your inner-chef. These delicious and delectable recipes are so scrumptious you'll be cooking up a storm. Enjoy this sampling of best-selling cookbooks from around the world cuisines. 

Palestine on a Plate 

Showcasing the wide-ranging, vibrant and truly delicious dishes of this region and introducing you to traditional Palestinian methods; cooking styles and flavours, this stunning cookbook is a tribute to family, cooking, and the home. Packed full of old recipes that have been re-created with love and that bring people together in appreciation of the beauty of this rich heritage, it's a celebration of real Palestinian food, filled with the ingredients that Joudie's mother and grandmother still use and their grandmothers used before them.

Experience the wonderful flavors of Palestine through zingy fattet hummus (tangy yoghurt, chickpeas and hummus, served over toasted pita bread and drizzled in buttered pine nuts), satisfyingly spiced makloubeh (an upside down spiced rice dish with lamb neck and fried eggplant), eggplant and zucchini stuffed full with spiced and herbed lamb and much much more. 

Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my Mother's Kitchen Winner 'Best Arab Cuisine Book' - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2016.


A celebration of the food and flavours from the regions near the South Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with over 100 recipes for modern and accessible Middle Eastern dishes, including Lamb Rump, Sour Cherry Meatballs, Chicken in Preserved Lemon, Olive Tagine, Blood Orange Stew; Radicchio Salad, Persian Flatbread, and Spiced Carrot with Pistachios. Finish it all with the delectable Coconut Cake with Rosewater Cream.

More than just a cookbook, enjoy Sabrina Ghayour's philosophy on food in the introduction and the fact that she takes the best from a wide region. The recipes are simple and straightforward not faddy and fussy, which means that you'll get more for your time and money when you invest in this irresistible recipe book. 

Sabrina Ghayour's Persiana Cookbook, discounted at Books 4 People.

The Flexible Vegetarian 

Whether you are an occasional meat eater, a vegetarian who needs to cook for meat eaters, or even a dedicated veggie, you'll find something for you in this book filled with delicious and practical flexitarian recipes for every lifestyle from celebrated chef Jo Pratt.

Choose between cooking each recipe as a completely vegetarian dish, or select to add one of the simple meat, chicken or fish additions, making them suitable for meat free days and meat eaters alike. From spiced poke to peashoot and asparagus gnudi, the range of international recipes spans the globe and are all quick, simple, well balanced and packed with protein. As well as easy meat and fish additions and hacks for each vegetarian recipe, this original cookbook shows you how to expertly prepare a handful of classic recipes, from the perfect roast chicken, to the perfectly cooked fish fillet. For both health, eco and sustainability reasons, there has never been a better time to join the growing flexitarianism movement and expand your culinary skills.

Join the movement when you enjoy The Flexible Vegetarian: Flexitarian recipes

Japanese Food Made Easy 

Japanese Food Made Easy showcases favourite recipes such as ramen, gyoza, teriyaki and tonkatsu, as well as Japanese dishes generally eaten at home, such as grilled peppers with bonito flakes, kakiage fritters and homemade fried tofu.

You'll discover how to make your own teriyaki sauce, tonkatsu sauce, miso dressing and shichimi togarashi (seven chilli mix) - these homemade versions are a healthier alternative to store-bought and will bring instant flavour to the simplest dish. There are also recipes for making dashi broth, sushi or sashimi from scratch, for those who want to try making more traditional Japanese food.

Japanese Food Made Easy available now at Books 4 People


Internationally acclaimed star chef Rodolfo Guzman of Borago introduces the exciting world of high-end Chilean gastronomy.

'It isn't every day that a restaurant knocks your socks off, but Borago managed it with ease.' Financial Times

Chef Rodolfo Guzman serves a dynamic, wildly imaginative tasting menu at his acclaimed Santiago restaurant Borago; using only native Chilean ingredients often reinventing his courses mid-service. The book combines his fascinating narratives about Chilean geography and ingredients, his never-before-published notebook sketches of dishes and creative processes and gorgeous landscape and food photographs that introduce readers to the distinctive pleasures of Chilean culture and cuisine. This is rounded off by Guzman's selection of 100 savoury and sweet recipes exclusively chosen from the menu at Borago.

Order your Borago cookbook and become inspired by these delectable recipes. 


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