Millions of books are purchased each year with in the UK. The average book buyers purchase five to six books a year. Why do people buy books? There are four main reasons people buy books:

1. The Buyer Knows Famous Authors (Adult Fiction, Kids Books, Non Fiction books):

We know people on many different levels. Some people we know personally, others we know from following them on social media, still others are influencers or famous personalities we are familiar with. The same is true with authors. The number one reason that readers buy books is because they know the author. This does not always mean that the reader is a personal friend of the author. The reader may know the author because:

They have heard the author speak.
They have read other books by the author.
They have heard the author interviewed on television, a radio show, or podcast.
They have read an interview or article by the author on a blog or other publication.

The author is an influencer they listen to, watch, or follow.

2. Popular Book are Recommended By Store (Adult FictionKids BooksNon Fiction books)

Another big factor driving book purchasing decisions is recommendations by store. When a store recommends a book, people take note. However, books can be recommended by trusted resources in a number of ways:

From an influencer the reader follows (blogger, thought leader, pastor, etc.).
By a trusted publication such as a book review publication or website.
Through social proof by other consumers who post positive online reviews.

3. Books Required for Entertainment (Kids Reading, Fiction Books) & Books Required for Learning (Kids Learning, Health Books

We buy food to feed ourselves, clothes to wear, and furniture to sit and eat on. Why we choose to buy what we buy in each of these categories is generally personal preference, but the fact remains that we purchase things to meet a need.

Books are no different. consumers buy books to meet a need they have in their life. That need is usually for entertainment (fiction books) or to learn something (nonfiction books). It might be that a person wants to lose weight or get fit, improve a relationship, or learn a new skill. Books provide both entertainment and education.

4. To Give as a Gift Set (Collection Set & Classic Editions)

Giving gifts is a common practice in the UK. We give gifts at all important milestones and celebrations, and books make great gifts. In fact, people buy books, lots of them, to give as gifts. 

Understanding why people buy books can inform your book marketing practices. People make purchasing decisions rooted in emotional impulses as much as logical facts. Your book marketing efforts should speak to both emotion and logic.

Following the four takeaway book marketing ideas you can use from understanding the four reasons people buy books. You can put these into practice when marketing directly to consumers and when marketing your book to the media for book publicity.

5. General browsing in our bookstore 

Consumers like to surf the web and browse to various portal and discover something new that attracts their attension.  In that moment they read about the product and make a purchase 

6. Having Award Winning Books

More people are interested in buying a book that has won awards than one that hasn’t. According to the survey, respondents said award-winning books had a moderate influence on their buying decision, while some felt that it was a major influence.

7. Book Makes the Bestseller List.

One example of a book that came with some social pressure to read simply because it made the bestseller list.  Simply being a bestseller doesn’t always guarantee that readers will finish the book, especially since it may turn out to be something the reader isn’t really interested in.

8. Consumers Find Books Using Social Media Sites.
Social Media Sites have useful book information and great Recommendations. The recommendation for readers can come from the following sources:

Family members, colleagues, and friends
A thought leader that the reader follows
An authority figure like a teacher, government leader or a librarian.
A trusted publication like a website or book review publication
Online reviews
The closer you are to the person giving the recommendation, the greater the chances are of you acting on that recommendation. This makes social media a powerful tool in making book buyers out of their audience.

9. Consumers Find Books On Websites With Reviews

Reviews on different platforms continue to have moderate to major influence on why readers buy books. This is why authors need to get reviews, and to keep getting them consistently over the years on multiple websites.

10. Consumers Find Books in Magazines / Newspapers OR Blog Sites

Although print media may not be as easily accessible, it still has moderate influence on why readers buy books. Newspapers and magazines OR Blog sites are still regarded as authority figures in their areas of expertise, and many readers take their recommendations seriously.

11. Consumers Find Books Through Author’s OR Publishers Website.

Every author needs a platform to reach a wide audience, and the author’s website or the publisher website is another great way to spread the word about their new book.

12. Consumers Find Books Through Print Ads Or via Google Ads 

Though no longer as powerful as they were decades ago, print ads carried a moderate influence. However these days Google Ads brings in most of the traffic for store visit, where the consumer makes the purchase.

13. Consumers Find Books Through Reading sites such as Goodreads.

The new generation of readers get recommendations from book review sites, sellers like Amazon, and social networking book sites such as Goodreads.

Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your target audience, including why those people buy books in the first place.  Please Remember to Visit for your next Book purchase.