5 Best Photography Books

Books 4 People's first-rate selection of the best photography books. Whether you're in search of introductory knowledge or you want to fine-tune your photography skills, this selection will provide you with the how-to insights and top pro-tips you need to improve your craft. Unleash your photography finesse when you buy any of our best photography books offered at incredible value prices. 

 1. Mastering Composition 

Flicking through the pages of most popular photography magazines you might get the impression that theres only one rule of importance, the rule of thirds. Indeed it appears that some will judge the merit of a photograph based almost solely on this. Rarely do you hear discussion about visual weight, balance, negative space, depth and so on.

Author and professional photographer Richard Garvey Williams argues that success lies in a combination of four elements, an impactful subject, dynamic composition, effective use of lighting, and; perhaps the most crucial; ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewer. Citing examples gleaned from a study of history, the author analyses the concepts, rules and guidelines that define successful composition in photography and offers practical guidance to achieving great results. In clear, concise and jargon free text he also considers the role of tone and colour in good composition, and offers invaluable tips and the tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process. The book is illustrated with examples of the author's own beautiful nature photography, along with diagrams and notation to explain techniques most clearly. A final chapter in this definitive guide for all serious photographers discusses photography and its relationship to art before offering a considered conclusion to the exploration of this fascinating topic.

Mastering Composition: The Definitive Guide For Photographers 

2. Smart Phone Smart Photography 

There is a saying that the best camera for the job is the one you have with you when an opportunity arises. Thanks to the boom in camera-phone technology, today we are lucky enough to have a camera to hand to capture all those incredible moments. But are you making the most of that powerful tool in your pocket? Do the photos you have taken tend to be blurry, or look nothing like what you're seeing? If you want to shoot incredible images with your phone, buy Smart Phone, Smart Photography.

Covering simple techniques that will allow you to get the image that you see every single time, you will soon be telling your camera what to do with confidence. Start with The Big Picture and get to know your camera phone and the rules behind taking the perfect shot. The next chapter, Taking Great Pictures, explains the key disciplines of photography portrait, abstraction, macro, still life and plenty more. Finally, the Post-production chapter demonstrates how to use apps to edit and enhance your images and create incredible prints for display.

Unlock the power of your smartphone photography when you purchase Smart Phone, Smart Photography now at a discounted rate. 

3. The Beginner's Photography Guide 

If you're new to photography, then The Beginner's Photography Guide is perfect for you. Assuming no prior knowledge, this book simply explains all the key digital camera function and settings then shows you how to use them to create outstanding images.

Step-by-step photographs break down digital camera techniques such as focusing on a moving object and creating background blur by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your camera. Icon panels provide an at-a-glance overview of equipment and settings required with straightforward captions to guide you.

Jumpstart your foray into the world of photography with The Beginner's Photography Guide

4. Drone Photography and Video Masterclass 

The drones are coming! Over 6 million were shipped around the globe in 2015. Drones are changing the way we interact with the world, and with one of their key applications being aerial photography the way we look at it. Stills and videos that once required an aircraft charter are now being shot with a drone carried in a backpack. Over 1.5 million posts on Instagram are tagged with #drone. A revolution in photography is taking place over our heads.

Drone Photography and Video Masterclass contains everything a photographer needs to take their craft confidently and expertly into the skies, and everything a drone pilot needs to master this photographic genre. The book takes the view that successful drone photography is all about the shot, not the drone. So, while the reader is equipped with an essential introduction to drone technology, flying skills, safety measures, and legal requirements, author Fergus Kennedy demonstrates how the skills of planning, composition, lighting, focus, and exposure remain essential to capturing great images.

Drone Photography and Video Masterclass is the essential guide to realizing the full potential of this exciting new playing field, and elevating the art of your photography to dizzying new heights.

5. British Wildlife Photography Awards

Not so much a how-to photography book as a means for getting inspired in your own backyard. This dazzling collection showcases the very best of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, presenting over 150 of the winning, commended and shortlisted images from the competition. Featuring a range of photography from world-leading professionals as well as inspired amateurs, it is a book that captures the magnificent diversity of the British Isles.

The annual competition has a long tradition of supporting conservation. It provides a platform for the finest examples of British nature photography, revealing its wonders to a wide audience and engaging with all ages through its evocative and powerful imagery. With a 20,000 prize from lead sponsor Canon, it is one of the most prestigious photography competitions, attracting major sponsors and culminating in an exhibition at London Mall Gallery.

British Wildlife Photography Awards is a book that will bring every reader closer to the often unseen and always surprising world of British nature.


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