How To Keep Your Child Reading Over the Holiday Break

Children rarely go through their books during the holiday seasons. As a result, these kids often fall behind in the learning progress made during active school periods. Socio-economic status can be one of the major causes. Most homes have little to no children’s book for their kids, stocking up on kid’s book from an online bookstore can come in handy. Also, mapping out time to keep up with your kids reading during the holiday seasons helps improve their reading ability.

It is however important to note that some reading methods have proven to be more effective than others. For instance, choosing a book with an interesting and entertaining read will encourage your kids to keep reading over the holiday break. 

Check out these recommendations designed to encourage your kids to read over the holidays.

Choose Books that Your Kids Find Interesting

Let your kids do the book hunting. There are loads of online bookstores offering an assortment of kid’s book. Browse through the various categories and pick one that interests them. Fortunately, you can get these books at discounted offers when you take advantage of the voucher codes from the online bookstore. For instance, an interactive book or novelty books keep your kids glued to the book.

After reading a part of the book, discuss with your child what they think about the storyline.


Technology has played a huge role in simplifying daily activities. Gone are the days when the only option was to get your books in prints. Today, you can read your favourite books through your gadgets.

Given that kids are more inclined to use of electronic devices, they might feel reluctant to pick up hard copy books. Kids can read interesting books on their favourite electronic device easily. Moreover, schools are embracing these ideas already, so encouraging your kids to read electronic copies can be rewarding.

More importantly, e-reading is a great way to engage reluctant kids.

Spend Time Reading Together

Many times, parents complain about not having enough time to read themselves. Sharing reading time with your kids can be the solution you seek. Get yourself a cup of finely brewed coffee, sit right next to your kid with your own book, and start reading.

Create a strict schedule for your reading routine. At some point, engage your kids in discussions on the story. If along the line, your kids find an ambiguous world, here’s what to do:

  • Don’t be in a haste to help out. Give them time to figure out the word on their own. This helps them become a resourceful reader.
  • Ask them questions related to the word. Can they find a clue in the pictures? Can you supply the meaning of the word? These questions can help your child supply the meaning of the word without even telling him or her.
  • If both steps above fail, you can help them out. You can always use the word while having a discourse with your kid.

Remember, you must be a part of the process. Read the books with them

Encouraging kids to read during the holiday breaks can help them succeed in their studies, build their confidence, and discover their hidden talents.


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