Top 5 Online Shopping UK Sites

Top 5 Online Shopping UK Sites

Where to buy?

Online shopping is increasing day by day in UK.  Which are the best 5 online shopping sites in the UK? This post scrutinizes the online shopping sites that are the best among the rest.

1. Amazon UK:
Amazon UK - With Over one million Sellers selling on Amazon Platform, Amazon is by far the biggest online player for online.  It has great service but it is NOT the cheapest place to shop online.  Why - Amazon is know to take up to 33% Profit margin from each seller.  Therefore the sellers have NO choice but to pass on the cost to the consumer.

2. eBay UK:
Amazon biggest rival is eBay.  Their is a large number of sellers selling on eBay UK - You can find nearly everything on eBay UK.  There fees are much better then Amazon with 15% Profit margin taken from sellers.  Therefore you most likely get better prices on eBay then Amazon.

3. Supermarket Chains:
Tesco - ASDA - Sainsburys - Great reliable place to buy goods from.  Online problem is your limited with stock choices.  Advantage is you can use click and collect service to purchase goods from and collect at store.

4. Store Chains:
Marks & Spencer - Curry's - John Lewis  - Store chains usually charge high street prices on goods.  There service might be good, but the prices will always be higher then your small local online sellers.  Your looking at approximately 30% profit margin added to final selling price for sustainability.

5. Online Distribution Centres Via Google Shopping: - ASOS - Boohoo - Here you will find the best online bargains, as the consumer is going directly to the distribution house.  The distribution house has less cost due to buying in large volume and low overheads.  Using Google shopping the Average marketing spend cost is between 5 to 10%.  Therefore you will always find better deals here.

Always aim to go direct and choose reliable online distribution centres such as - They concentrate on specific categories, such as books, select the best books, purchase in large volume and store in large affordable distribution centre giving them low overheads so they can give back to customers the cost savings.



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